PrimaLoft® Bio™ spunlace nonwoven fibers tried out on the ANDRITZ pilot line to test its commercial potential

ANDRITZ spunlace fiber pilot line
Andritz spunlace fiber pilot line

ANDRITZ has tried the first-ever biodegradable* PET 1,4 den spunlace nonwoven fiber on their carded and Jetlace hydro-entanglement process. Production trials were done on the ANDRITZ Perfojet pilot line in Montbonnot, France.

ANDRITZ produced nonwoven spunlace fabrics from 35 to 50 gsm, with 100% PET PrimaLoft® Bio™ fiber. As a result, the fibers are confirmed processing by the ANDRITZ spunlace systems as other standard PET fibers.

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ANDRITZ has always invested in future-oriented technologies that reduce the use of substances and raw materials as well as energy consumption, while at the same time further developing the production of nonwoven products that have less impact on the environment or are even completely biodegradable, as in the area of disposable products.

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