Not so fun fact: Only 9% of the plastics out there, gets recycled

This means, that 91% of plastics can not or will not be recycled.

The circular economy model sounds cool, but in reality we do not do this for more than one circle.

The volume of plastics that end up in our environment is compounded by the fact that most plastic material never fully degrades and continues its life cycle by breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces that can impact animal and plant life.

(UN Environment report 2018)

Start thinking in circles.

Bio Fibers

A simple circle

This is one of the simplest recycling examples and it still costs hundreds of thousands of euros to do right

An impossible circle

There are so many products out there, that will never be recycled just because the logistics of it all is too expensive.

Stop thinking of how to get your product out there. Start thinking about how to get it back.

The consequence

Every time we do our laundry an average of 9 million microfibers are released.

Also, just by wearing synthetic clothes, plastic fibers are constantly released into the air. Plastic particles washed off from products such as synthetic clothes & textiles contribute 35% of primary microplastics polluting our oceans. We estimate synthetic microfiber emissions from the pre-consumer (manufacturing) phases to be of a similar order of magnitude as the emissions from the consumer phase.

So is this an impossible mission?
Not really.
You have two options
Choose your role:
Ask yourself: “How many products can I make out of the same material?”
Stop thinking of how to get your product out there. Start thinking about how to get it back.

If you are sure, where and how your products end up, God Speed! But if you are not, then just using recycled materials is simply not good enough. We need to be responsible for how do these materials get back to the industry. We call on companies to deploy not just a sustainable mindset, but a circular way of thinking.

Demand for a better solution
If you’re the buyer, then you have the most powerful voice in the business.

So you need to start demanding more because in our society, the power of change lies in the hands of the masses. Demand a recycling option for your products. But we know that some products can or will never be recycled. That is why we have chosen to work with biodegradable PET fibers for all applications, processes, and products. A revolutionary breakthrough of biodegradable fiber offers a previously unattainable level of performance and sustainability, drastically reducing the amount of microplastics in our landfills and oceans.

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