Welcome to The World of Wipes® Conference (WOW) in Atlanta from July 17 to 20, 2023, where the wipes industry’s gather.

While we won’t be attending the conference this year, we’re thrilled to share that our esteemed partner, FIBERTEX Nonwovens, will be joining. Make sure to visit their booth no. 214, and discover more about our game-changing PrimaLoft® Bio™ additive.


Introducing PrimaLoft® Bio™

Designed for premium wipes:

🌱 Tested and Verified Biodegradable: With PrimaLoft® Bio™, conducted over 100 tests. A more biodegradable solution.

💪 Excellent Uniformity and CD Strength: Our biodegradable wipes maintain exceptional uniformity and cross-directional (CD) strength, ensuring optimum performance in every use.

💼 Available, Commercial, Tested, and Documented: Our sustainable solution is not merely a concept. It is already available in the market, thoroughly tested, and well-documented.

🌍 A Sustainable Solution: An eco-friendly alternative that meets the growing demand for sustainability. PrimaLoft® Bio™ is compatible with natural fibers like viscose, allowing the creation of environmentally conscious products without compromising performance.

🔄 Virgin PET or Recycled GRS PET: PrimaLoft® Bio™ can be produced with virgin PET fibers or recycled GRS PET, providing flexibility and catering to diverse environmental goals.

⏳ No Shelf-Life Considerations: Our biodegradable wipes have no shelf-life constraints, providing peace of mind for both manufacturers and end-users alike.

Test Results

We all know, we have to change our ways if we want to leave the planet better than we received it. And if your company relies on polyester, you will know that to future-proof your business, it is vital to speed up your transformation to embrace a more climate friendly production and consumption of polyester.

Introducing PrimaLoft® Bio™

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Our partner FIBERTEX Nonwovens

Fibertex Nonwovens pioneer and innovate the way industries work with nonwovens and performance materials.

Fibertex manufactures a wide range of high-performance nonwovens, using advanced technologies, the best practices and quality materials, to enable the customers to create high-performance solutions, that improve the quality of life for people. Fibertex are nonwovens specialists and enter strong long-term partnerships with their customers.

Fibertex protect the environment by incorporating sustainable practices across their businesses and communities. They strive to build a world with sustainable solutions, where they can consume, while taking care of the planet and its resources.

Fibertex nonwovens is 100% owned by Schouw & Co. and is headquartered in Aalborg where the business was founded in 1968. They have production facilities in Denmark, France, the Czech Republic, Turkey, the USA, South Africa and Brazil as well as sales offices in France, Portugal, Spain, China and India. Fibertex has more than 1000 employees.

Fibertex Nonwovens

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