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Once you’ve approved a raw material, we’ll continue to source the material from the same supplier – we only switch suppliers or item types with your agreement. We normally seek approval of two suppliers to ensure supply security, and we ensure complete traceability via our unique numbering system.

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Did you know that 91% of plastics can not or will not be recycled?

Ask yourself: “How many products can I make out of the same material?”

Reality check

A simple circle

This is one of the simplest recycling examples and it still costs hundreds of thousands of euros to do right

An impossible circle

There are so many products out there, that will never be recycled just because the logistics of it all is too expensive.

What change does PrimaLoft® Bio™ bring to the industry?

Transform nonwovens to the next level with same characteristics and performance as regular PET fibers with the same output and same whiteness. Blends well with natural fibers.

Every single day enormous amounts of polyester fibers worldwide end up in landfills or get flushed into the oceans, and eventually these fibers will end up on our own plates.

That’s why we need to fix polyester – now.

By adding PrimaLoft® Bio™ to as many polyester-fiber-based products as possible, we aim to help minimize plastic pollution by lowering a product’s negative impact during its lifetime.

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