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We are a 160 year-old company with the energy of a start-up on a mission to fix polyester

Fiberpartner is a Danish advisor and supplier of textile fibers on a clear mission. We aim to be a key global player in the transition towards a non-petroleum-based future within fibers. With a global client base, we act as a trusted advisor, connecting fiber producers with clients within non-woven and filling.

Our story

Established in 1860 by Theodor Wittrup, the company originally produced woollen textiles. In 1976 the manufacturing division was sold to a carpet producer, and Ole Wittrup (Theodor’s son) established a trading company, and in 1999 his son Thomas Wittrup took over the lead of the company that in 2001 would become Fiberpartner.

Today, Fiberpartner operates globally and serves a long range of
clients within textile fibers. We supply polyester, polypropylene, and
bi-component stable fibers, divided in three categories: virgin, recycle and bio. As an independent supplier, we always seek the best production capacities and product properties to meet our clients’ technical & logistical requirements.

The turning point

Every single day enormous amounts of polyester fibers worldwide end up in landfills or get flushed into the oceans, and eventually these fibers will end up on our own plates. That’s why we need to fix polyester – now.

In 2020, Fiberpartner became the global licensee of PrimaLoft® Bio™ – a first-of-its-kind technology that enables synthetic insulation and fabric fibers to return to materials found in nature. This marks a turning point in our mission to fix polyester, and though the technology is a break-through innovation that has the potential to change the polyester industry, this is only the first step, and we are constantly working to move the industry to choose products with lower climate footprint.

We are currently involved in more than 150 global projects with PrimaLoft® Bio™ across 16 countries within non-woven and fillings, and more than 100 independent lab tests show the technology is working.

Our climate agenda

Any company depending on polyester knows that to future-proof the business, we must speed up the transformation to reduce the climate footprint of production and consumption of polyester. It’s code red for humanity, and the old ways will no longer meet tomorrow’s demands.
But the only way to work towards a greener polyester production in through innovation, strategic partnerships, and choice editing for a better polyester production.

As a supplier of polyester, we play a significant role in the solutions our customers choose and use. We might not have the final say, but we continuously explore different approaches to innovating fibers and services to influence buyer behaviour and edit choice out of the market.

We are committed to refine and develop solutions with reduced climate footprint. From 100% post-consumer recycled materials to Bio PET, we are already looking at non-petroleum solutions for the future. We strive for solutions that are competitive and commercially applicable and available for the industries we serve.

For better logistics

FiberTrack is our digital customer portal with AI-supported intelligent ETAs of shipments covering ocean and land transportation, and will take supply chain ease to the next level. With FiberTrack you can download and find all relevant documents, both current and historic, follow your order in real-time and receive relevant push notifications. This will not only free up time, but also optimise our clients’ logistics, hence optimising their carbon footprint on transportation.