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The Future of Bico is here 

BicoBio® is an award-winning, innovative solution to the growing environmental concerns around the textile industry, developed together with Far Eastern New Century. 

BicoBio® is a bico stable fiber comprised of biobased PE mix with recycled PET, all with PrimaLoft® Bio™ inside, designed to biodegrade in various environments, including ocean water, wastewater, landfills, and soil*. 


A future proof bicomponent fiber core sheath construction, developed from materials with a low carbon footprint that is biodegradable* and will return to materials found in nature*. 

  • The biobased PE is produced from sugar canes and has a negative carbon footprint*. 
  • The recycled Pet er GRS certified 
  • PrimaLoft® Bio™ ensures PE and PET to return to materials found in nature*. 

We are proud to offer this responsible fiber option.

The fibers are available from 1,5 – 3 deniers and is available in short cut for airlaid as well as longer cutting lengths for carded applications such as air through for hygiene applications, e.g. top sheet as well as industrial applications for insulation. It is engineered to bond to both synthetic and natural fibers. 

The tests don’t lie. 

And neither does nature. PrimaLoft® Bio™ has been tested on 20 fibers and fabrics in more than 150 independent tests, and we continuously update the test results as new information becomes available. You will always find our latest result right here.  

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