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Recycled Fibers

Crafted from discarded plastic bottles, our recycled fibers offer a solution that minimizes environmental impact while maintaining high-performing recycled fiber quality.

Whether it’s for fashion, textiles, automotive, or construction purposes, our fibers play a crucial role in driving innovation towards a more environmentally friendly direction.

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Our fibers are meticulously engineered to meet the stringent demands of hygiene product manufacturing while upholding environmental responsibility. With a focus on durability and performance, our fibers ensure hygiene products that resonate with eco-conscious consumers.
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Our range of recycled applications caters to every automotive need, from engine compartments, headliners, and interiors. Our staple fibers are crafted to exceed the high standards of the automotive industry, ensuring quality, acoustic excellence, safety, and environmental responsibility.
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Home & Apparel

Explore our range of fibers, including staple fibers, filament yarns, and microfibers, meticulously engineered for durability and performance. From luxurious bedding and cozy upholstery to fashion-forward apparel and accessories, our recycled polyester fibers elevate your products while reducing environmental impact.
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Hollow conjugate, solid conjugate, and slick fibers, engineered to meet the demands of the fiberfill market. Whether for pillows, comforters, or upholstery, our recycled polyester fibers provide loft, resilience, and softness.
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Nonwovens, made via methods like needle punching, thermal bonding, or chemical bonding, offer strength, absorbency, and barrier properties. Used in hygiene, medical textiles, filtration, automotive interiors, etc. Our recycled polyester fibers, from post-consumer plastic bottles, offer eco-friendly solutions. Discover our staple fibers, spunbond, and meltblown options for superior performance across applications.
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Spinning is a critical stage in the textile supply chain, providing the raw material for a wide array of textile products, from clothing and home textiles to industrial applications.
Explore our range of recycled fibers tailored specifically for spinning applications. From staple fibers to filament yarns and microfibers, each is engineered to meet the demands of various textile sectors.

Discover the perfect fiber for your needs with our Fiber Finder.

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