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FiberTrack is our digital customer portal

FiberTrack is our digital customer portal with AI-supported intelligent ETAs of shipments covering ocean and land transportation and will take supply chain ease to the next level.

With FiberTrack you can download and find all relevant documents, both current and historic, follow your order in real-time and receive relevant push notifications. This will not only free up time, but also optimise our clients’ logistics, hence optimising their carbon footprint on transportation.

Real-time GPS-based Location Tracking

FiberTrack provides customers with real-time location tracking for shipments, ensuring visibility and transparency throughout the transportation process.

Easy Access to Documents

Users can conveniently download and access all relevant documents, including current and historic records, through FiberTrack, streamlining document management for enhanced efficiency.

Efficient Order Experience

FiberTrack offers an efficient and streamlined order tracking experience, allowing customers to monitor their orders in real-time and receive push notifications, reducing operational complexities.

Saving Time and Resources

By offering intelligent ETAs, document accessibility, and real-time tracking, FiberTrack helps optimize logistics for clients, ultimately saving time and resources. Additionally, it contributes to reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation, aligning with sustainability goals.

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Send an email to Danny Thomsen to learn more about our FiberTrack.