Let’s make microplastics a micro problem

Fit for chemical recycling and works with virgin and recycled pet
Biodegradability is an end-of-life solution that works in harmony
with the circularity model, and fibers maintain a 95% yield rate
through the chemical recycling process.


Nereus® Bio biodegrades* only by hydrolytic-degradation,
the destruction of plastics by hydrolysis exposure to moisture
under certain conditions, that results in the scission of molecular bonds, and Nereus® Bio will eventually leaves no traces of microplastic behind.

UV degradation and OXO-degradability testing confirmed the resistance of Nereus® Bio fibers to degrade and fragment
into smaller pieces of plastic.

Fibres for hygiene and wipes

The Nereus® Bio technology makes synthetic materials biodegrade in a hydrolytic process, leaving only elements that
can be found in nature, and works in harmony with viscose,
cotton, wool and other biodegradable materials.

We make biodegradable fibers for these
applications and technologies:

  • Spunlace – in Virgin and Recycled PET
  • Solid PET for ADL
  • Bico fibers CoPET/PET, PE/rPET, Bio-based PE/rPET, PE/PP

The tests don’t lie.

And neither does nature.
Nereus® Bio has been tested on 20 fibers and
fabrics in more than 100 independent tests.

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