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Let’s change the world of polyester

At Fiberpartner we continuously work on increasing the production and use of more environmentally friendly products such as recycled polyester fibers and biodegradable fibers, just as we are engaged in reducing our own environmental impact and have implemented initiatives to promote sustainable production and consumption.

Our Responsibility Strategy stands on five core pillars that are all key to reach our objectives for a better polyester production for people, planet and prosperity.

Supply Chain Optimisation

It is our ambition to vertically integrate our supply chain to ensure traceability and transparency from start to finish. By 2025 we will develop a new sourcing strategy that will impact how we work across our supply chain focusing on both the social and the environmental aspect, setting targets for our suppliers and partners to adhere to, including annual audit programs to track development and tier 2 mapping.


We all need to change our ways if we are to reach the GHG targets of the Paris Agreement by 2030. We have begun our journey of mapping and measuring our climate footprint. By 2024, we will have established our first baseline for scopes 1 and 2, and we aim to measure our upstream scope 3 by 2025. This will encompass raw materials, fiber production, transportation, and waste management. Additionally, we have initiated the development of fiber scenarios to create measurement methods for implementation across our entire product range.


We aim to minimise our environmental footprint  through conscious fiber development and innovative production methods. 

By 2028 we will:

– Develop and implement MRSL aligned Oeko-Tex standard with our key suppliers

– Implement a zero waste policy and procedure with key suppliers

– Develop an audit program to handle water and waste water with key suppliers

But most importantly, we want to make microplastics a micro problem, and therefore has set the target of 100% biodegradable Fiberpartner fibers by 2033. 

Research & Development

Through extensive research and development, we are developing new and innovative polyester fibers that will meet the requirements of tomorrow, and by 2024 we will have established a R&D department with the sole focus of developing new fiber solutions that will avoid resource depletion and reduce pollution.

Partnership & Knowledge Sharing

No company is an island, and we can build more positive change if we collaborate across value chains to drive the sustainability agenda. At Fiberpartner we are always looking to partnerships that will drive our agenda, just as we want to share our knowledge with our partners throughout our value chain and be a source of inspiration and innovation.

Our Governance

At Fiberpartner, we continuously work to meet ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities with respect to our employees, affiliates, services and products. Fiberpartner’s Code of Conduct ensures that employees and affiliates act in accordance with local rules and regulations, and internationally recognized minimum standards on labour rights, health, and safety as well as environmental standards. The purpose of Code of Conduct is to ensure that we act in accordance with our core values about decency. 

You can always request our code of conduct and policies by writing to us.

Want to know more about our responsibility strategy?

Send an email to our CSR Manager, John Winther