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We provide essential materials including images, logos, catalogs, and videos to support your needs.

You can find these resources below. If you have specific requests regarding the use of our images or logos, please email our Marketing Division for prompt assistance. Our contact details are listed at the bottom of this page.

Simply choose the correct brand—Fiberpartner®, PrimaLoft® Bio™, or PolyPlant®—to find what you need. You will get access via our SharePoint database.

Access the Fiberpartner® toolbox. You’ll be directed to a dedicated section for this brand, where you can find logos, videos, guidelines, and other resources.

You will gain access to a wide variety of marketing tools, such as catalogs, presentations, one-pagers, design guidelines, and videos. If you are looking for the test results of PrimaLoft® Bio™, you will find them here as well.

You will find the complete set of resources, including catalogs, guidelines, and logos for the PolyPlant® brand. More will be coming soon.