PolyPlant® for sustainable, recyclable solutions that reduce waste and promote a greener future

Introducing PolyPlant®

PolyPlant® is new innovative fiber that looks, feels, and acts like polyester. A fiber that shares the well-known and widely appreciated qualities of polyester, while not sharing its negative impact on the environment.

100% Biobased: PolyPlant® is not just another material; it’s a commitment to a greener future. Derived from sustainable sources and entirely free from fossil fuels, it represents a significant leap towards reducing our carbon footprint and embracing renewable alternatives.

• 100% bio-based
• Non-toxic and safe
• Recyclable and renewable
• 75% Reduced Carbon Footprint (compared with virgin PET)
• Moisture-wicking, UV resistance, and flame retardancy
• Soft and Comfortable
• Biodegradable

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PolyPlant® brochure

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