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We know how

“We know how” – the Fiberpartner® Way
It is in our DNA to have a deep understanding of technical knowledge about fibers, technologies, applications, and processes.
We base our expertise on 25 years in the polyester business and over 150 years in textiles. For our customers, this knowledge comes into play as we understand their business and the important characteristics of the fibers. Since we do not own production assets, we have access to a wide range of factories, each with its own skills and advantages, and located strategically.
Based on the requirements, we qualify one or more factories for flexibility in terms of price, quality, and supply stability. We take responsibility for quality and ensure timely delivery to the door if required, and we also offer various financing models.
We are continually enhancing our product range to include new and more sustainable options and will soon have our own lab and testing facility to continuously improve existing and new fibers.
The volume we handle allows us to be price competitive as well.