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PolyPlant made from sugarcane
100% biobased fibers

PolyPlant® SOLID

PolyPlant 100% biobased staple fiber
Reach Echa compliant logo
Oeko-tex certificate
biobased fiber
100% biobased

Solid fiber

Raw material:
Cross section:
Minmimum order:
10 000 kg
1.5, 3
REACH, OEKO-TEX® Class 1 Annex 6, 100% Biobased
Cut length:
38, 51, 60 mm
Industry usage:
Bedding, geotextiles, furniture, medical


Is PolyPlant® available today?

Yes, PolyPlant® is ready to be put into production. It is well-tested and can easily be scaled as it is based on PLA.

Is PolyPlant® compatible with other natural materials?

Yes, PolyPlant® blends well with other natural materials.

What are the benefits of using PolyPlant® in manufacturing?

PolyPlant® offers numerous benefits, including reduced environmental impact, enhanced durability, and versatility in applications. It enables the production of more eco-conscious products without compromising on performance

Is PolyPlant® environmentally friendly?

Yes, PolyPlant® is designed to be ecofriendly. It’s primary component, PLA, is derived from sugarcane, making it a responsible alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics.

Can PolyPlant® be utilized in production facilities worldwide?

Yes, PolyPlant® can be distributed to production facilities globally, enabling manufactures to incorporate them into their processes to create more responsible materials.

How is PolyPlant® made?

PolyPlant® consists of PLA pellets from sugarcane from Thailand combined with a biobased additive.