We are a 160-year-old company that has the energy of a startup.

Our past

Fiberpartner’s history goes all the way back to 1860, when Theodor Wittrup founded a small shop that mainly produced woolen textiles.

Theodor’s company grew for over a century until its manufacturing division was sold to a carpet producer in 1976. That same year, Ole Wittrup established a trading company that would help his son Thomas found Fiberpartner. As a privately held company, Fiberpartner is owned by Thomas Wittrup, a proud descendent of our founder Theodor.

A small textile shop


Our CEO’s grandfather Theodore Wittrup started our journey with a small textile shop in Denmark.

One big purchase

Theodore Wittrup buys a spinning plant and starts selling yarns.

Velkommen Tæppefabrik!

Theodore Wittrup expands from yarns to carpet manufacturing.

The Brotherhood

After WWI the company name was changed to Wittrup Bros A/S.

It all went up in flames

A fire of unknown origin burned down our carding and spinning houses. Luckily none was hurt.

Shaky times. Good carpets.

Luckily manufacturing resumed and in the 1930s we produced more than 150 000 carpets per year.

Strike two!

Another fire occurred and this time everything was burned.

Rise from the ashes!

Theodore rebuilt and rebranded the company with a new label – TH Wittrup.

War at work

Part of old mill was destroyed after being bombed by German soldiers in retaliation for Danish resistance attack on German factories.

Rebuilt and restored

After the WWII we quickly rebuilt and within three years already managed to employ 120-130 workers.

That 70s factory!

Wittrup built a new and modern factory in Vejle – the center of manufacturing in Denmark.

End of an era

Manufacturing closed, Wittrup Bros sold to Egetapper A/S.

Meet Ole

Theodore’s son Ole Wittrup soon starts up a new company Wittrup and Wittrup and replaces carpet and textile manufacturing with trading of yarn and machinery.

Funky 80s

It was a time when carpets were very popular. On floors and on walls. Ole Wittrup Aps also got a cut form that popularity by trading in much needed yarns.


A new focus

When carpet popularity declined and wooden floors became more popular, Ole Wittrup started dealing in machinery for nonwovens.

Change of the century

Thomas Wittrup takes over Ole Wittrup Aps, and at the same time it was renamed to Wittrup & Wittrup Aps. Thomas decides to steer the company in the direction of synthetic fibres.

Birth of Fiberpartner

With Thomas background in the nonwovens industry Fiberpartner sets up as a sister company of Wittrup and Wittrup.

Ola Mexico!

Fiberpartner finds a business partner in Mexico that shares the values of quality, responsibility and sustainability.

Velje 2.0

Fiberpartner opens a new office in… you guessed it… in Velje.

欢迎 Fiberpartner

Fibers reach China and changes the volumes and capability of the whole enterprise.

Fiberpartner Poland / Fiberpartner South Africa

We always open new offices because of the people. Fiberpartner’s approach is to look for the right people and then build new markets together (rather than to look for specific markets).


Fiberpartner Bulgaria

Fiberpartner opens office and warehouse in Bulgaria.

GRS certification

We know where we began our journey and we know where we are going. We apply the same principle to our product by tracking it from the raw material to finished product.

The voice of EDANA

This way we can promote the sustainable development of our industry for a community of over 300 companies worldwide and advocate the benefits of nonwovens for society.

Fiberpartner Estonia

A digital marvel of a country that is perfectly in sync with our values.

Doing the right thing before it's too late

A global license agreement is signed to develop PrimaLoft® Bio™ fibers for different applications – a first-of-its-kind technology that enables synthetic insulation and fabric fibers to return to nature.

Fiberpartner 2.0

Fiberpartner goes through a digital rebirth that takes it’s 160 years of know how and makes it faster, more flexible and truly global.

We must act now because tomorrow is slipping away!

The present

Today, Fiberpartner is a thoroughly modern company with activities all over the world. We supply polyester, polypropylene, and bi-component staple fibers.

We do not only trade high-quality fibers but also give our time, effort, and knowledge into creating more sustainable solutions that would help the world heal and welcome us on this planet for centuries to come.

The realisation

The Wittrup family has been in the fiber business for more than a century. With that time we have made great descisions, enjoyed the fruits of our labour and even seen the results of our actions. That is why we feel that we have been given this chance to speak up on the problem of plastic pollution and weak cycles of reuse.

Reality check
The change

With the coming of a new decade, we have already divided our business into three big categories – virgin, recycled, and bio fibers. This helps us guide our clients through the process of each fiber and teach them how to responsibly handle them.

We have the proof
The thrive

We have been in this business for 150 years. We must innovate the business and help undo the effects on the environment for the next 150 years.

Get inspired

The future of the fiber is biodegradeable

Your future

Fiberpartner is on a constant journey to refine and develop sustainable solutions. From 100% post-consumer recycled materials to Bio PET, we are already looking at non-petroleum solutions for the future. We strive for solutions that are competitive and commercially applicable and available for the industries we serve.

You only need one big ship to change direction, then others will follow.

Our plan
Develop digital services for smooth partnership with all partners

The journey already started in 2019 and never ends. In 2021 major solutions were revealed. A customer portal with push solutions for AI-supported intelligent ETAs of shipments covering ocean and land transportation will take supply chain ease to the next level – ease of downloading and finding all relevant documents, both current and historic – and much more in the pipeline.

Automise data, leaving time to talk and communicate human to human

Fiberpartner is driven by the right people – a team of dedicated people with a mission to make a difference no matter where they are on the globe. We are humans with an ambition to be empathic, real people that you as a partner can feel our presence in what we do – and with room for big ideas and solutions – with high ceilings.

Imply custom made and leading CRM system for faster quotations and ease when communicating with the sales people

All in all with the clear vision to be the best partner in the industry, growing volumes to stay competitive, and giving top-notch service, with WE KNOW HOW inside everything we do.

Use this knowledge to fight the battle for environment and for using better product.

We know how

Whether you have a question about fibers, pricing or anything else, our team is ready to answer all your questions.

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